A Deeper Look at your Sun and Moon

Welcome to The Eyes of the Eagle Blog. Here you can explore the deeper qualities of your Sun and Moon sign and go beyond the more general descriptions of your Astrological profile. These interpretations build on what you may already know about yourself, and provide a new dimension to the twelve sign of the ancient Zodiac.

How does it Work?
Traditional Astrology, dating back to the Babylonians, uses 12 signs to describe the different energies that flow into each other as the planets move through them, each planet having its own unique energy and timing. The Moon, for instance, only takes 27.5 days to move through all the signs, while distant Pluto takes 247.7 years. Contemporary astrologers still use this framework to describe 12 progressive steps of manifestation and change. The Sun and the Moon are the most important indicators of each person's the inner and outer nature, which is why we pay special attention to them on this blog,

Although the classical signs are very powerful, they are still quite general and can be further broken down into smaller segments, revealing more detailed and subtler energies. You can generate a more detailed reading for your Sun and Moon sign by using the Calculation Page and follow the links to gain a deeper look at your personal astrological signature. At the top of each page is a list of famous personalities who share the same phase as you do. The readings include an interpretation of individual degrees of each phase, further refining the descriptions of the Sun and Moon. Each phase is dividied into two parts and given its own meaning. After doing the calculation for your birthday, follow the links to your individual interpretation.

There is a world of variation within each traditional astrological sign. This blog offers additional color and dimension to the traditional meaning of your Sun and Moon sign. Although everyone is different and unique, we share many things with each other and all come from a common source. Keep that in mind as you use this blog to discover another layer of insight into your own astrological makeup.